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Frequently Asked Questions & Data

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Switchable Privacy Glass Specification Data Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions:


1) Does LTI manufacture its own glass?

LTI is the original manufacturer of its custom laminates.  We incorporate a variety of high quality substrates and interlayers in order to create each of our custom finished products.


2) How do I get a sample of your product?

Product samples are handled on an individual basis. Please contact us to inquire about a sample for your project’s specification.


3) What is the average lead time for an LTI project?

As all orders are custom made to order, lead times will vary dependent upon factors directly related to each project.


4) What is the size capacity of an LTI Group project?

With over 120,000 square feet of production space and four autoclaves, there are no jobs too small, or too large. We will be able to handle your custom laminate needs.


5) How do I get a project estimate?

You may contact us for job specific estimates regarding your project.


Smart Glass:


6) What is Smart Glass made of? Is it a gas?

Smart Glass is composed of a liquid crystal matrix, laminated between ITO (indium-tin oxide) coatings and glass or plastic.


7) Can LTI drill holes in the smart glass?

Smart Glass panels can be manufactured with holes, notches, and custom shapes.  Once the manufacturing process is complete, the panels cannot be altered so any holes or other such fabrication must occur at the manufacturing stage.


8) Is there a Underwriters Lab (UL) certification on the Smart Glass?

LTI Smart Glass, Inc. is proud to offer an exclusive and custom configurable UL certified Smart Glass panel system, an industry first! It is the perfect solution to your need for instantly switchable privacy.


9) How much electricity is required to operate Smart Glass?

Smart Glass operates on standard line voltage (110VAC). It's power consumption is approximately 3-5 watts per square meter of glass area.


10) Does Smart Glass need a specialist to install it?

Smart Glass installs in the same environments, and with the same tools, as most standard glazing. However, you must use our specified silicones and an electrician should be engaged to handle the electrical wiring.


11) Can Smart Glass be used in doors?

Smart Glass is manufactured as either door insert panels, or full glass (Herculite-style) doors.  It can also be made for exterior insulated doors as well.


12) How do you clean the Smart Glass?

Smart Glass should be cleaned with a soft cloth and gentle cleanser.  Avoid harsh chemicals and the use of sharp instruments.  Make certain to remove liquids from all edges that may have collected during the cleaning process.


13) Can I get Smart Glass in different colors?

The color of liquid crystal laminated with clear glass is “opaque white” in order to achieve a clear transparent view.  A variety of colors and/or tints may be incorporated into a Smart Glass panel to achieve a decorative or colored presence. However, once color has been applied to the laminate, it will always be present.


14) Is Smart Glass completely clear when turned on?

Smart Glass is “transparent” once electrified.  Depending upon lighting conditions in its installed environment, you can expect to see a 5%-10% “scattered light reflection” or haze while in its transparent state.


15) Can you adjust the level of opacity in Smart Glass?

Smart Glass offers an opaque white privacy while unpowered, and instantly turns transparent when electrified.  It is designed to be either “on” or “off” at the flip of a switch.  Some customers have also used the panels in a variable voltage/transparency state.


16) Can Smart Glass technology be applied to my existing windows?

Smart Glass is manufactured either in glass or polycarbonate.  It can be designed as a retro-fit panel to be placed inside your existing window opening, or more commonly designed as a replacement glass for your existing window.


17) Can Smart Glass or Smart Design glass be made bullet resistant?

Yes, Smart Glass is often combined with LTI’s SmartGard product.  Incorporating any of the Smart Design concepts are also possible.


18) What is the expected life-span of Smart Glass?

Based on our factory testing, the panels have a very long life. They have been turned on and off over 7,000,000 times in ten years and still counting!


19) How does Smart Glass affect the transmission of UV light?

Smart Glass effectively blocks at least 99% of harmful UV rays.


20) Is there a warranty for your Smart Glass product?

Yes, LTI warranties their lamination, as well as its electronic function.


21) Can I buy a switchable privacy film, and apply it myself?

Smart Glass is a custom laminated panel in either glass or polycarbonate.  It is not available as an adhesive film.


22) Can I purchase wood or vinyl replacement windows with Smart Glass installed?

We custom manufacture Smart Glass as a direct glass replacement product for existing framework. It can be installed by a glazing contractor of your choice into wood, vinyl, or aluminum framing systems.


23) How do I find out if there’s an “Authorized Smart Glass Dealer” in my area to install my new windows?

Even though Smart Glass is highly technological, it installs the same as most other standard glazing.  Therefore, we do not require, certify, or assign "authorized dealers" to install our product.  We will work with your choice of glazing contractor for the installation detail.

Decorative Laminates:


24) Do you have a catalog of decorative laminates?

Our decorative laminate product is 100% custom ordered.  LTI can create a finished product from your digital image, favorite fabric, or choice of components.  (ie. wood veneers, papers, leaves, guitar picks, organics, etc…)


25) How do you pick out that perfect color for the decorative glass?

LTI is a proud authorized laminator for the Vanceva Color Catalog.  Please visit www.vanceva.com to select a color perfect for your decorative project.


Please contact us for any further questions regarding your specific project needs. You may go directly to the "Contact Us" tab on this site, or you may click here: Contact us. We look forward to working with you!



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