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What is Signal Defense and Why Do I Need It?

Signals Defenses® Technology (SD) is a patented, optically clear, Radio Frequency (RF), Infrared (IR) and Ultraviolet (UV) blocking window film, glass or polycarbonate (PC).  Deploying SD Technology to fenestrations will provide privacy/eavesdropping protection, additional security for wireless networks/devices, and RF sheltering for equipment and humans with very HIGH solar energy/UV blocking.

Signal Tower

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The SD2500 Film provides the HIGHEST levels of RF and IR attenuation, meeting and exceeings the requirements of various US Government organizations’ specifications for optically clear RF/IR/UV attenuating film/optical coatings, especially with respect to IR. It is listed by DoD as an RF/IR Attenuation film tested to be “beneficial” as Alternative Shielding including TEMPEST Countermeasures.


· Ultraviolet Transmission (<380nm) <1%
· Infrared Ray Transmission (800-1500nm) <1%
· RF (30Mz-6+GHz) >46 dB
· Thickness (SD2500) >.002 in
· Visible Light Transmission (400 – 780nm) >53%
· Visible Light Reflectance 13%
· Total Solar Energy Rejected 70%
· Shading Coefficient .35
· Solar Heat gain Coefficient .30