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What is Ballistic Glass?
Ballistic Attacks are classified as assaults from handguns, shotguns or rifles. There are two major threats when transparent glazings come under a ballistic attack.

The first is projectile penetration of the glazing. Obviously if the laminate fails the result is often destruction, injury and death.

The second major threat to glass windows while under a ballistic attack is "Spall". Spalling occurs as shards of glass break away from the rear face (protection side) of a laminate as a result of the impact, becoming projectiles themselves. Significant injuries, loss of vision, and death have occurred due to high-spalling laminates.

The LTI Group manufactures three variations of ballistic laminates.
Our SmartGard® -BR series laminate is a "non-spalling" laminate which incorporates a layer of polycarbonate on the "inner " or "protection" side. This layer of polycarbonate is known as a "spall shield".

Spall Shield Example