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Smart Glass by LTI - Privacy or Tinted Glass at the Flick of Switch.

LTI Smart Glass is a leading innovator of laminated Smart Glass technology. As a pioneer in the switchable privacy glass industry for decades, we are the original manufacturer of UL Listed Smart Glass systems and helped introduce variable tint Smart Glass technology. Our smart technology utilizes PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystal) laminated inside the glass to create magic before your eyes.

UV Blocking
The default state of Switchable Privacy Smart Glass is OFF (no electric applied).

Our switchable privacy Smart Glass is a UL Listed electrified glass laminate with two states, on and off (transparent and translucent). The default state of Smart Glass is “off” or translucent (privacy mode). When electricity is applied, the Smart Glass becomes transparent. Since our smart glass is laminated, it is extremely durable and there is no exposed film to worry about.

UL Certified

Smart Glass is delivered pre-wired with wire leads from the glass for easy connection to a seperately provided Power Module.

All that is needed to control Switchable Privacy Smart Glass is a dedicated light switch paired with the provided Power Module. Smart Glass technology can also easily integrate with existing controllers at a smart-home or smart-business. There's a variety of ways to achieve control of Smart Glass technology - "Alexa, dim my glass!"

Our Smart Glass technology can be used as stand-alone glazing to retrofit into existing windows, doors, or glass frames. It can also be combined with other laminates such as Decorative or Security Glazing to add privacy functions to traditional walls, windows, and doors.

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Common Applications for Smart Glass:

  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Executive Offices
  • Automobiles
  • Bedrooms / Bathrooms
  • Boardrooms / Conference Rooms
  • Aviation Facilities / Aircraft Windows
  • Commercial Properties
  • Fitness Centers

Smart Glass is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and compositions. Panels can be used for switchable interior applications, such as wall partitions, door inserts, or full glass conference room doors.

Smart Glass can be manufactured as an Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) configuration with other glass panes or laminates for applications requiring energy efficiency or sound-deadening. We offer various traditional popular monolithic glass panes to incorporate with a Smart Glass insulated glass unit and with many popular Low-e coatings. Almost any combination of our other laminated products, and/or glass types can also integrate Smart Glass if desired. We can also provide tempering and heat strengthening for maximum strength and safety to any required glass.

LTI’s Smart Glass is manufactured to meet your project's unique specifications. Contact us for a free estimate, or to discuss your project preferences. If possible, please have the glass dimensions available for the framing system being used in your project and we can better consult you.

Office Pic - Smartglass OFF Office Pic - Smartglass ON

Office - Off
Office - On
Children's Hospital - OFF
Children's Hospital - ON

Other Possible Applications of Smart Glass Technology by LTI:

  • Interior use glass, for wall partitions or door lites.
  • Energy efficient insulated glass units with or without low-e coatings.
  • Hurricane resistant glass configurations.
  • Custom sized to retrofit existing window or door glass openings.
  • Security containment glass configurations.
  • Bullet resistant glass configurations.
  • Blast resistant glass configurations.
  • Anti eavesdropping glass configurations.
Projection on OFF State:

The translucent OFF state of laminated Smart Glass makes the perfect multi-media projection backdrop. Project movies, images, advertising, or more on the Smart Glass and it can be seen from both sides, while still not allowing one to see through it. Laminated Smart Glass can surely make your next architectural marketing project a show stopper with a projector and saavy media programming. Turn a storefront into a switchable billboard with Smart Glass, and more!

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UL Listing:

Our UL listing number is: IYQX.E216500.

View our certification at ul.com (may require a registered UL.com account to view)

Sizing Limitations:

Our Smart Glass panels are manufactured in widths of up to 58 inches; however, they can be ordered with lengths beyond 120 inches under certain conditions.

Smart Glass Composition Options:

Either Switchable Privacy Smart Glass or SDP Variable Tinting Smart Glass may be available with:

  • Clear or Low-Iron glass
  • Color tinted glass such as Blue, Green, Gray, Bronze
  • Anti-Reflective coated glass
  • Low emissivity (Low-E) glass
  • Heat-strengthened glass
  • Fully Tempered glass
  • Custom laminations - various thicknesses of glass and/or polycarbonate​
  • Custom wire lead lengths and attachment points
Please call or contact us to get a free consultation, confirm availability of any options listed or verify sizing limitations at the time of your project design. Even more options may also be available. Please ask.

Accessories for Smart Glass:

  • Power module
  • Door hinges for wire passing

Downloads & Data Sheets: