Smartgard® Ballistic and Blast Glazing

Smartgard® Ballistic and Blast Glazing

Why Choose Smartgard?

  • Smartgard® bullet-resistant glazing is tested in accordance with UL-752 and NIJ-0108 Ballistic Standards while our Smartgard® Detention & Containment glazing is tested under ASTM F1915 standards.

  • Customization options are available for all our security glazing products, which include signal deterrent, tinted glass, one-way viewing, shapes, and wire glass just to name a few.

  • Our endless possibilities of decorative offerings include artwork, fabrics, films, paper, organics, Vanceva color, and dichroic.
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Ensure Protection & Quality With Our 3 Ballistic Products Available:

Smartgard® – BR

Smartgard® – BR

Smartgard® -BR series laminate is a "non-spalling" laminate which incorporates a layer of polycarbonate on the "inner" or "protection" side. This layer of polycarbonate is known as a "spall shield".

Smartgard® – GCP

Smartgard® -GCP series laminate is a “low-spall” product. The protection side of the laminate is a glass layer bonded with a clear adhesive interlayer to polycarbonate. This configuration, is known as a “glass-clad polycarbonate” laminate and offers superior chemical and abrasion resistance on the protection side as glass is a much harder surface then polycarbonate.

Smartgard® – GCP

Smartgard® – BR LC

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Smartgard® -BR LC is our Ballistic Privacy™ product. This laminate incorporates the same attack protection of our standard BR line with the added benefit of our LTI Privacy Glass for On-Demand privacy. This product is also an AIT Group exclusive!

A Few More Details...

Smartgard security laminates are multi-ply composites designed for attack resistance, containment, ballistic resistance, protection against blasts while functioning as transparent glazing. These composites can also provide signal deterrents against infrared(IR) or radio-wave frequencies (RF), utilizing special films inside the composite.

  • Bullet Resistant

  • Blast Resistant

  • Attack Resistant

  • Detention & Containment

Smartgard compositions consist of glass, glass-clad polycarbonate, or wire glass-clad polycarbonates with special proprietary interlayers making Smartgard​ the industry’s premier product for protecting facilities around the world. All Smartgard​ products are available in clear, tinted, mirrored, obscured, polarized vision, or patterned glass.

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Smartgard​ products can currently be found or used in many applications such as:
  • Prisons / Correctional Facilities
  • Jails
  • Court Houses
  • Government Buildings
  • Transit Facilities
  • Pharmacies
  • Banks
  • Convenience Stores
  • Corporate Secuirty
  • Border Patrol
  • Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Cashier Areas
  • Armored Vehicles
  • Personal Security
  • Inner-City Hospitals
  • Shooting Ranges
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Chemical Plants

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